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For those who want a light scent, Bringer of Light Body Mist Scents provide a range of light, fragrant mists that can be used over the entire body.  It is perfect for daily use.

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Fantasy Body Mist 4 fl. oz.
A light romantic scent of Rose Absolute, Neroli, Benzoin, Marjoram, and other essential oils. &nb..
Ex Tax: $13.00
Hot and Spicy Body Mist 4 oz.
Hot and Spicy is a light, but sensuous, body mist which contains Melissa, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli,..
Ex Tax: $12.00
Lovely Lavender Body Mist 4 fl. oz.
A light, clean blend of Lavender and Mimosa essential oils.  This is the perfect body fragra..
Ex Tax: $10.00
Magic Moments Body Mist 4 oz.
Magic Moments Body Mist is the perfect light scent for the true romantic.  It is a light, bu..
Ex Tax: $25.00
Sandalwood Body Mist  4 fl oz.
Sandalwood Body Mist combines the rich and soothing scent of Sandalwood with the familiar Lavende..
Ex Tax: $20.00
Sparkle Body Mist  4 fl. oz.
A lovely scent containing citrus essential oils, Ylang Ylang, Melissa, the richness of Patchouli ..
Ex Tax: $10.00
Spring Flowers Body Mist 4 fl. oz.
A lovely and light floral scent featuring Rose Absolute, Geranium, Sandalwood and Citrus essentia..
Ex Tax: $15.00
Summer Body Mist 4 fl. oz.
A light floral scent with a hint of richness with the addition of Frankincense, Juniper, Bergamot..
Ex Tax: $12.00
Up With Life Body Mist 4 fl. oz.
This is an interesting and fun blend of floral essential oil scents to bring energy and zest for ..
Ex Tax: $13.00
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